Our focus is to provide premium service to our New Zealand brand owners and exceed their expectations.

Respect, encourage and reward our team by sharing in our success. 

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L'Affare Heartland Eco Store Farrah Wraps

Twin Agencies are a focused sales and merchandising service, caring for eight great New Zealand manufacturers. We provide that essential link between manufacturer and retailer as a combined front to the supermarket chain.

We, as a team, have a huge responsibility on our shoulders, providing New Zealand manufacturers with viable and profitable sales, as well as keep their brands successful, respected and growing year after year.

New Zealand is 'our' place, and we need to support local brands that represent 'our way of life'. Our brands promote honesty, quality and value. We are lucky to have such a wonderful line up of products and brands in our portfolio.

"We respect, encourage and reward our team by sharing in our success"

We refer to our sales people as "Area Managers".  There are a couple of good reasons for this. Firstly, they each have a special geographical area of New Zealand to look after and manage. Secondly, and more importantly, they have a team to manage. One of Twin Agencies major strengths is our fantastic team of merchandisers.

We pride ourselves on being a respected company and one who people will want to join and stay with. We know absolutely that people and team work are what has made our company a success.