About Us

Twin Agencies is a focused sales and merchandising service, representing New Zealand Brands in New Zealand. We treat the Brands as if they are our ownand we are proud of our ability to deliver superior sales execution.

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In 1995 Wayne Sands, Dick Hubbard and Andrew and Brian Whittaker recognised a need to have a sales and merchandising service focused on caring for New Zealand manufacturers.

The Supermarket chains were being led by mulitnational manufacturers to the detriment of local manufacturers. The multinationals had stronger resources and easily outweighed the locals with larger sales forces and deeper pockets to spend on marketing support.

They foresaw that by combining funds from a group of local manufacturers, they could support a sales force and be represented in the supermarket chains as a combined cluster of local brands.

With a blueprint for the new business and the acceptance of the two Brands 'Twin Agencies' was born.

The Company Today

People at Twin Agencies are our greatest asset. Twin has created a leading organisation by constantly attracting, developing and rewarding the best professionals within the FMCG business environment.

We have a large team of dedicated and passionate people across New Zealand.

In 2007 we made the move to divide our merchandising and sales team in to separate teams for Foodstuffs and Progressive which has proven successful. We believe that in having a unique culture has been crucial in achieving Twin's competitive advantage. This culture starts with the Company Vision, through to a robust strategy and structure, all put into effect by hands on caring leadership. Continuous learning from external and internal best practises while constantly challenging the status quo is one of our success factors.

"It is People, it is People, it is People and Great Brands!"

Our people take ownership of the performance of Twin Agencies and we are committed to rewarding success. We want to assure our team that great performance pays off. The result of successful measured performance translates through to teamĀ compensation and is part of Twin's culture. We will always have compassion and regard for family issues as and when they arise.

Our team will always be regarded by the industry as 'One of the Best', if not 'The Best'.

Twin Agencies is 100% dependent on fulfilling the business requirements of our Principals and is proud to say that in excess of 10% growth has been acheived for every one of its 22 years in existence. This is not about to change.

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